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Welcome to Grandma's Early Learning Center and Night Care. My family childcare is based on the belief that when a child is given the decision to make the right choice they will.  When they do make a wrong choice instead of punishment, we will redirect them so they will not make the same wrong choice. My childcare development program includes practicing good manners (Using Please and Thank You); learning respect for themselfs and others, proper hygiene and educational development.
We are open " 7 days a week"
Our Slogan is " Need an evening Alone? Work nights? We can help!
My goals for your children are to learn language skills, encourage age appropriate development skills and providing a homelike environment for your child.
My background includes taking classes at the local college in fundamentals of early childcare, child growth for children, children literature, family and child and the community.
One of our main goals is to see that you have a safe place to take your child while you work, rather it is working nights, need a night alone with your loved one, or to just have some quite time at home for an hour or two for yourself or to just get things done.
Here at Grandma's Early Learning and Night Care, Our goal is  to make sure that they learn all the basic's they need to know for school and beyond.
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